Zorro the Dice Game

Zorro the Dice Game

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2-6 Players - Ages 13+ - 15-30 Minutes Playing Time

An aging and battle-weary Zorro can no longer adequately defend the people from oppression so he must now find a worthy successor. Prove yourself to him by showing your heroism and proficiency in battle by defeating the scoundrels and villains that are persecuting your fellow citizens. After the final battle, it will be clear who deserves to wear the mantle and become the next Zorro! Will it be you?

Use your dice rolling skills to complete Heroic Feats, earning you Equipment and extra dice. Step up to the Scoundrels to earn even more powerful Equipment and prepare yourself to face the final Villain. The base game takes 15-35 minutes and plays 2-6 players. The Heroes and Villains expansion has solo play rules and allows you to play up to 8 players.

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