Mass Transit

Mass Transit

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It's quittin' time in the Big City and rush hour is about to begin! It's up to you and your team of urban planners to get all these Commuters home to their families. You will need to skillfully work together to construct transit routes out to the Suburbs, but City Hall bureaucracy limits how much you can help each other! If you can manage the red tape, and your team works like a well-oiled machine in getting everyone home, you will ALL succeed at Mass Transit!

Mass Transit provides an exciting, suspenseful, and fun cooperative experience, allowing each player to fully control their actions and contributions to the Big City plan.

Mass Transit plays perfectly as a solitaire game, or with up to 6 players, so it can hit the table at any time!

Mass Transit is small and compact… it travels anywhere! It is truly an ideal travel game, both in terms of theme and size.

Mass Transit offers a full tabletop experience at a very small price.


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